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Registration is $50.00. That's all..... $50.00


The Great Geek Livingroom

Come home to comfort

Supercon is a weekend of relaxation and laziness – a perfect time to unwind from the rigors of the holiday season. 


Friday February 2nd through Monday February 5th at the Hastings Country Inn **

** all rooms must be booked at**


Hotel rate for 2018 is $85/night +tax

*note this year the entire hotel is now non-smoking

Are YOU registered Supercon yet? If not, why not?

It's right here! So easy to find, and so fabulous within.

Come join us! There will be just the right amount of programming, a video room of endless surprises, and our centerpiece: The Consuite of Exceptional Decadence. Oh, and to top it all off... the fantastic hot tub!

Wouldn't you rather be in a hot tub right now? I mean, look at the weather out there:


There's no better way to enjoy with weather like that. Hot tub! Glorious, bubbly, tropical hot tub!

(And even better, you get to share it with fabulous people!)

So come join us in Hastings, at the Country Inn. We'll feed you, entertain you, keep you warm, and make you laugh. We look forward to seeing you soon!

** all rooms must be booked at**