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About SuperCon


SuperCon was first launched in 1992, when the Superbowl descended upon Minneapolis. At that time, not many of the local Minneapolis fans were into professional, organized sports. Recognizing the insanity that was about to descend upon the Twin Cities, our founders beat a hasty retreat. Thus, SuperCon was founded with the sole intent of being a "getaway" convention.

SuperCon has nothing truly official about it. Since many of our organizers and attendees work on other conventions during the year, SuperCon is kept as simple as possible, in order to maximize relaxation and social time. SuperCon's minimal programming exists solely so our attendees can learn more about one another. There is no dealer's room or art show, nor are there any other big, splashy events.

What can you find at SuperCon, then?

Lots of relaxation and fun!
A crowd of friendly attendees that numbers just over 100!
A decadent Consuite for your munching and drinking whims!
A movie room and some other not-so-serious programming!
Art supplies, in case you get creative!
A hot tub!
Board games and card games!
Old friends!
New friends!
Friends you haven't met yet!

Come enjoy a winter weekend with us. You know that hot tub is beckoning to you.