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We pride ourselves on our supremely comfortable Consuite. Themes from the past have included such sundries as chocolate, champagne, martinis, and caviar. Our Consuite also provides more needful things like snack foods, veggies, waffles, and a full bar. There just aren't many places where you can have caviar in one hand, and cheese puffs in the other, but our Consuite is one of those places.

"One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough."

-James Thurber



We have not yet planned so far ahead that we have programming items slated for next February. However, we can tell you that our spectacular created-at-the-convention art show and auction will return by popular demand. You can also bet on movie showings, at least one book discussion, and ample time in between for lounging in the hot tub.

If you would like to see what we were up to in the past, please check out a few of the past programming grids - 2006 & 2008

Video Room Programming

The SuperCon video Room runs almost around the clock, although we've heard tell that it shuts down at alike 3 a.m., but that's a vicious rumor with no basis in fact. The video room has 5 specific showings sponsored by the convention:


Friday at about 8 pm, a film that sort of marshals in the theme of the room for that year. The theme for 2016 is Coming soon....  Got a suggestion on a movie to show?  Feel free to suggest away!

Friday later evening - We call it the almost midnight movie. It's a movie. Something we thought might be good for, well, almost midnight. We've shown Rocky Horror, of course. I mean, do you think we're some kind of heathens?

Saturday afternoon Science Fiction Theater - television has permeated our lives so, that we felt we had to bow down and pay homage, which not many places do. besides, it's decadent to lounge slothfully of a Saturday afternoon and stare at television. So, we find some television we think is worth staring at. Say, The Outer Limits. Or Quantum Leap. For this year, we haven't quite decided. But it must be Science Fiction. Else we'd have to change the name…

Politically Incorrect Theater, about 8 pm on Saturday. We find something that says you might want to leave your political correctness at the door. You might want to mail your PC to the other end of the country. And if you think finding a politically incorrect musical was easy….

Saturday later evening - We call it the almost midnight movie - Saturday edition. It's a movie. It usually has something to do with the Friday almost midnight movie. A sequel. Or remake. Or something.