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Registration cost is $50.00.  All checks should be made payable to SuperCon.

Our registration form can be found on our PDF flyer. Once filled out, you can send your payment and form to:


1292 Jessie St.

St. Paul, MN 55130

Once you register, be sure to send a note to to request your hotel room!




Why SuperCon?

Why not? Oh. Um. SuperCon was started in 1992, when several major sporting events descended upon the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Being largely non-sports minded, a group of individuals decided to escape the cities madness that year, and sojourned north to Duluth for a relaxing week-end. As all who attended enjoyed what had been wrought, it became evident that an idea founded on whimsy had merit for being repeated. Thus was born SuperCon 2. The rest, as they say, is legend.

But really - why STILL SuperCon?

SuperCon's main mission is to unite those who run other conventions and their friends in an atmosphere that allows them to relax, enjoy each other's company and enjoy the convention itself. Putting on these endeavors on a volunteer basis is time consuming and energy intensive. Many of us who attend execute our responsibilities at other events flawlessly, sacrificing time to enjoy what we create in its ongoing metamorphosis.

In short, our attendees put on larger conventions but don't get to enjoy them as they do so. SuperCon gives them a chance to be in a hotel for about 42 hours at minimum at something called a convention and allows them to enjoy it.

But wait - what about SuperCon's committee? Aren't they then sacrificing SuperCon time to make it happen?

Shh. Don't tell them. They might crack. They think it's fun, and that they are relaxing. SuperCon has long held a tradition of holding its committee meetings over a meal, usually dinner. Convention topics get snuck in while they eat, and information is gleaned to arrive at cleverly concealed decisions. Everything that's done to make the convention happen is “a favor”. No one who works on the convention has a clue what's happening except the chairperson. And they don't tell anyone how it all happens until they step down. Then they only tell the next chairperson. Sort of like the Dread Pirate Roberts. And if you don't know who THAT is, then you should come to SuperCon and ask.

Is SuperCon an adult convention?

Not quite. We refer to SuperCon as a “grown-up” convention. We love children, really, but also know that with their endless stream of questions, boundless amounts of energy, and all encompassing children-ness, parents and their friends sometimes need time away. To rest. Relax. Recharge We designed SuperCon to be such an opportunity. Babes in arms are, of course, okay. If the child is at the toddling stage - moving around - grabbing stuff - and needing that constant watchful eye, come be with us for a week-end, let some other eyes be on the watch, and have some fun yourself!

Speaking of legend, what can be told about SuperCon 3?

Not much, because you really had to be there. Under the deep influence of Scotch, Charles, Ishmael or Kyle may be inveigled to regale with tales of S3, but don't count on it. It's been tried, and they tend to fade off in beatific stare and go to something they call “my happy place”. Careful attention to the mutterings that ensue has elicited other words of “Scotch filled hot-tub”, nudity, AlCONtraz, JamaiCON, police and raids.

Is there programming?


Why is there programming?

Why is the rum gone?

Is there a dealer's room?

No. We really don't have the requisite number of people attending to make such a thing viable for anyone.

Is there an art show?

Yes, if you create the art at the convention itself, feel free to display it! One of our best-ever souvenir book covers (image at right) was created at SuperCon.

Is there an art auction?

Why yes there is! It consists of - the art created at the convention. It's all for fun really, and not necessarily intended to raise an huge profit (heck, if we go over $20.00, we're surprised!).

Proceeds raised will go to a local charity that will change from year to year. If you have question about this, please contact us.

Is SuperCon a gaming convention?

No. But let's make a distinction. For the SuperCon committee, gaming is defined as any D&D \ Wargame derivative that takes hours to play. We prefer such things be left to other times. Remember, there's only 42 (or so. Maybe 50. Heck, we hear some people even make 72!) hours that we are all together. We prefer that time be spent getting to know, or re-know, one another, and there are certain intensities to such games that such down the social areas of the brain and bring out the desire to kill. Kill. KILL!!! Bloodstains are awfully hard to clean out of the carpet.

We do like, however, simpler games from a more elegant time. Or is it elegant games from a simpler time? Whatever. The best rule of thumb to use is this: If it takes longer to explain how to play the game than it takes to play, let's go play parchesi.

Is there a video room \ How does the video room work?

Yes. Well, you select a room, and then in the room there's

Oh - wait. The more correct answer probably is - Yes, there is a video room. It runs almost around the clock, although we've heard tell that it shuts down at 3 a.m. That's a vicious rumor with no basis in fact. Click here for more details.

Humph. I'm still wondering for such a small convention, why a video room?

Why is the rum gone?

Sounds good; but what else is there?

Ah - it's almost too much to tell. The most fabulous thing about SuperCon is the company we keep. People from all around the 5 state area travel to visit with us, share in our lives, and reminisce about good times at conventions and beyond. Well okay, much of the beyond is flights of fantasy because there is nothing outside of a convention.

I hear there's free flowing booze!

Well, actually, yes. Our bartenders do reserve the right to cut you off. Beyond that, indulge, but please indulge responsibly. The bar is usually quite extensive, not only with shot and you-really-should-mix-this-with-something type beverages, but brewmasters who attend the convention contribute brewed beverages, and we actually are the only convention to have a Wine List. If you're very lucky, you might get to see our Chairperson behind the bar pouring … stuff. Ask for the Amaretto Stone Sour. And ask him for the recipe for Pureed Smurf. You won't get the recipe, but if asked enough, he may find a way to recreate it (one of the key ingredients is no longer available!).

Okay - what's this about decadence?

What could be more decadent than hanging out in lounging clothes in the dead of winter, playing games, talking, visiting, or even sequestering yourself in your room? The holidays are behind us - rest. The conventions many of us run haven't happened yet - rest. Recharge. And look forward to bright shining day when you'll be standing in the middle of a larger convention saying - “What was I thinking?!?” We'll tell you.